Spiritual Care: Cracking Mental Health’s “Incurable” Barrier

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The state of Virginia is mobilizing to improve the delivery of mental health services. At the same time, and much more quietly, a new model of treatment is emerging among the field's professional ranks—the model of spiritual care. Consider: Before the year 2000, spiritual care was not generally considered proven or scientific, though a few studies suggested some potential. Since 2000, a surge of major studies have concluded that some form of spiritual care is definitely an effective Continue Reading

Taking Charge of Your Own Health: Monitor Body or Thought?

What do you get when you strap 700 health app monitors to your body? If you're Chris Dancy of Denver, Colorado, you get the title “Most Quantified Human” and you now know what your body is doing--your heart rate, blood pressure, etc. On any given day, Dancy wears and monitors dozens of body devices, from a Pebble smartwatch and Google Glass to a BodyMedia armband and Blue heart rate monitor. He eats, drinks, sleeps, and so on, according to the data. He rejoices in taking charge of his Continue Reading

Re-thinking Science?

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We thought we knew what “science” meant. Until 2013, that is. Last year, “science” was the word with the greatest increase in lookups in Merriam-Webster.com—a 176% increase over 2012, in fact. And it remained a top lookup throughout 2013. It's not a new word, so why the sudden interest? Perhaps it's because, as Merriam-Webster's Editor-at-Large, Peter Sokolowski suggests, “A wide variety of discussions centered on science this year, from climate change to educational policy. We saw heated Continue Reading